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Where's Hitchcock when you need him...

I went to the Junior Center today to fill all my paperwork out and talk to my new boss, Tammara. I am kind of bummed they are only offering me $12 but that's pretty good for a summer job. Also, they are giving me more hours than I thought; the schedule will be M-Thurs 8:30am-5:30pm and Friday 2-3 hours depending. Before I thought Friday would be off completely, but now I will make more money than I thought I would. Pretty good.
She showed me around, even though I already saw some of the center, she took me on a mini tour anyway...
She gave me backgrounds on the animals, but I will do full on training starting on the 12th.

It's a nice facility, and I'm happy I will get to be working there...

On the way back to the car, I got stared down by this bird...

Very pretty, and fortunately I had my camera on me...

But then I saw another bird on top of the car!!!

Here's a close up...

Well closer anyway...
I'm not sure what kind of bird it is; urbpan, cottonmanifesto, do you guys have any ideas? Let me know...;)

*EDIT* Thanks to urbpan for the ID...it's a black-crowned night-heron

There are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many Canadian geese and these mystery birds like RIGHT next to the center...holy crap. It was seriously like they are filming "The Birds 2" there or something. It's crazy. The birds aren't aggressive, but one DID try to get in my car when I was at the center for my interview...haha silly things. And they also cross the street all the time reeeeaaaaallllyyyy slow, and honking doesn't make a difference...not that I have a working horn, but Tammara told me they don't care about cars honking...haha
Silly things.
I hope it won't be ridiculous when the kids are outside eating lunch, sheesh...

I applied at PHS (where tomahto works) because an animal control officer position JUST opened...I really hope they consider me, but I also hope that if anyone calls me they will be understanding I have a job until mid-August. Most places drag the hiring process on forever, when I really need a job, but now that I have one they will probably want me to start right away...that's my luck :P

Oh well, that's all for today...

stolen from manoman

Ground rules: The name of the game is "List Five of Your Weird Habits" and the people who get tagged should write a LJ entry listing
five of their own quirky little habits as well as state the rules of the game.
When done, they need to tag five others.

1) I never untie my shoes. I leave them all double knotted, and just slide them on and off. Of course I'm sure they wear out faster, but it
is so easy to put my shoes on when I am in a hurry. :)

2) I chew my nails when they get long...GRR...I really need to paintthem to prevent this, but I kind of freak when I have really long

3) When I take my ring off (only for a shower/washing dishes) and I forget to put it back on, I freak out all day about it, and my day
never goes as well without it. I am superstitious about my ring...

4) When I am sitting, I will jiggle my leg up and down. It's like I can't sit still! I do it without even realizing...I am weird.

5) heehee, this is one I am told of...when I sleep, I push my butt against Dan and if I move away, I wake up...:)

I'm tagging anyone on my friends list who hasn't done this one.

Taken from Essbee80

Ok, so according to this site http://www.myheritage.com, Dan looks like Henry Fonda and I look like Kate Winslet. Which is not a bad thing, she is HOT. :) I used the pic of me and Krysta with her in the swing. I was trying to see if they would say something about her. That would be so funny! I want to try again with a different pic and see who I look like then...

Ok, HAHA! I put in a photo of me and my cousin Vinnie. I supposedly have no matches (because of the way I was looking) and Vinnie looks like Ayumi Hamasaki! HAHA, he looks asian! I would never have thought that one...hahaha...oh god...:)

HAHA, oh this is so hysterically fun! I put a photo of me and my friend Emily in, and apparently I look like Katie Holmes and Julia Roberts, while Emily looks like Aaliyah (she is white!!), Sofia Coppola and Avril Lavigne...HAHA!!!!

OMG...this is the best one...I put in another picture of Dan, and apparently he looks like Isabella Rossellini...he will just LOVE to hear that...

HAHA...so today I got my california driver's license in the mail. I look like a hooker. OMG. I almost died laughing when I saw it. Oh well. It definitely looks better than my Oregon license, where I look very hispanic and darker than normal. CREEPY. HAHA. And also, my signature looks like a 5 year old did it. I am so pissed. It's because they make you sign on one of those electronic things. DAMN. For my Oregon one, I was able to sign the back...GRRR...:)

Well so now I have two licenses. They just punched a hole in my OR expiration date, and gave it back to me. But like I said, I look like a very expensive hooker. Oh ya, not the $10 ones, I am all the way at $20 babe! WOO! No one shall ever see this, except for Dan and any unfortunate cops who happen to pull me over. HAHA. I guess I just can't be going to any bars...I am really ashamed of my hookerness...har har.

So, Day one of Dan being gone. I am actually pretty happy. Not that I don't love living with Dan, but it's nice to catch up on all my shows (the ones I save on Tivo or Digital that Dan can't stand) and not have him whine that he wants to watch tv and can I change this crap? :)
The dogs seem kind of down, but I am giving them extra love to make up for it. Kairi wanted to wrestle with me (Dan does that a lot) and I was not really in the mood, but I did anyway cuz I wuv her. :)

Nothing much else happened today. I met with a lady this morning who had the most adorable german shepherd puppy in the whole world! :) I am going to be training her for two days a week. Woop! :) That is an extra $50 a week for me to do something I adore...fun fun...

I really need to get a new job for the afternoons. I am so poor! So sad! :( I found some possibilities so we shall see.

I hope you all have a great evening!

2005 survey...stolen from myspace

I steal surveys from myspace because I find more people see it here on LJ....
Is it weird that when I was driving, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" made me bawl like a baby? Or that I am wearing his sweatshirt right now? I am ashamed of myself. I feel like a clinging girlfriend who barely sees her boyfriend and is always so emotional until she sees him again. I know, I used to be that girl. But I figured I had grown, at least a little. But here I am, acting all clingy. Oh well. I have an excuse. I haven't been apart from him in almost 2 years. Of course I will be a little emotional. And he is only gone until Monday, I just keep saying that....and I do surveys to keep my mind occupied...:)

2005 Survey
1. did you have a new year's resolution this year? Well I think at the time it was to "get a job" and I did quite a few times...
2. if so, did you go through with it? haha look above!
3. does it snow where you live? Not unless you count the "snow" at Disneyland...har har
4. do you like hot chocolate? yes I do, but I don't drink it enough
5. have you ever been to times square to watch the ball drop? No, but it is on my list of places to go for New Year's! :)

1. did you have a valentine this year? Yep
2. did you WANT a valentine? WEll, I had one already...haha
3. did you play in the snow? yes, in my mind
4. do you have february break? No I don't have school!
5. when you were little, did you buy valentines for your whole class? Oh yea, and we made those cute little boxes to put them in! I always had something Disney-ish...:)

1. are you Irish? My name is
2. do you wear green on St. Patty's Day? when I remember...haha
3. do you believe in leprechauns, four leaf clovers and all that stuff? Sure, everytime I find a four leaf clover, I do have an excellent day...and leprechauns make my cereal...haha

1. do you like the rain? It's alright. I hate to drive in it. If I'm indoors, love it.
2. do you celebrate easter? Not really anymore
3. do you get tons of candy on easter? none at all. Dan and I don't do easter really
4. Have you ever danced or kissed in the rain? I have. Not lately...:)
5. do you believe in the easter bunny? Nope...so sad.

1. what's your favorite kind of flower? I love bird of paradise flowers (i think they are only down here) and roses are always nice...in white, I love them in white and peach...:)
2. do you love your mommy? of course
3. do you like the spring? yes, the air smells nice...
4. finish the phrase; APRIL SHOWERS: bring mayflowers, and what do mayflowers bring? PILGRIMS! HAHAHAHA
5. what would you think of as a spring color? all the pastels...I am not a huge fan of pastels tho

1. what's the last grade you graduated from? um, well I went to Animal Training school and graduated from there...
2. what day did/do you graduate school? June 2005...this year!
3. do you love your daddy? he's alright....:P

1. do you have any special occasions on 4th of july? I haven't done anything for 4th of July in the last few years...so sad.
2. would you consider yourself patriotic? Sometimes. I am ashamed to be American at times, and other times I love it here...
3. do you go on any vacations during this month? No. I have to work all the time.
4. ever gotten really drunk on 4th of july? No...

1. do you do anything special to end off your summer? well, camp ended and we had an "end of summer" party...so yea?
2. does school start during this month? No, even if it did, I don't go.
3. do you go swimming a lot in the summer? No, I don't swim
4. do you like swimming? No, not since I looked like a whale in a suit!
5. do you go to the beach a lot? Yes, I do. I take my doggies to Dog Beach and watch them run around like maniacs...:)

1. does school start during this month? Yes, but like I said, I don't go! :)
2. do you like school? I like how it can advance my career, but I don't really LIKE it
3. where do you go to school? nowhere right now...so sad
4. who's your favorite teacher? In high school it was Profe...in college, I loved Mrs. Stewart...
5. do you like fall better than summer? Well, here you can't tell when one ends and the other begins...haha

1. what was your craziest halloween costume ever? I haven't dressed up for years. I really want to, because I have this AWESOME idea. Totally for next year. Once I was an "alien tourist". Yea. LAME I know...hahahaha
2 do you still go trick or treating? Like I said, I don't even dress up anymore. I dress up the dogs...haha
3. what's your favorite candy? Hmmm...sweet tarts. I am addicted when I get going with em.
4. what are you gonna be this year? I want to be Carmen San Diego. I have the long ass brown hair now, I need the red trench coat, yellow dress, red shoes and wide brim red hat. I could so be her.

1. who's house do you usually go to for thanksgiving? For the past two, nowhere. I stay home, and work...and maybe eat later at night.
3. what are you thankful for? Dan being so understanding of my faults, my family, our house, my dogs
4. name everyone who's at your family dinners? Haha, Dan, and myself. :)

1. do you celebrate christmas? Yes, though I will be working this year.
2. hannukah? no
3. do you get presents? sometimes. A few years ago, I think I got one. Last year Dan gave me a bunch and so did my mom.
4. what's your favorite present you ever got? Well, the year we got bikes ROCKED...:) I love my engagement ring, but I got that the 1st of December so it isn't really a Christmas gift, but it IS in the same month!
5. do you like cold weather? Depends....if I am layered well, yes.

Disneyland and then some

I know it has taken me a few days to update about Disneyland, but I had so much other things to deal with. I wanted to spend as much time with my sister as I could, since I will not be seeing her for awhile. We had a blast! She definitely makes road trips more fun...:)
God, I wish she could live near me. I told Dan how jealous I am of him, that his sister lives so close. Of course he hates her guts, and I told him I would give up so much to have Jen here. I would live with being this overweight and unhappy with my body, if I could see her everyday. Well, not everyday, but more often than once or twice a year! :( But, I am ok now. I was really weepy and sad last night, but Dan helped me through it. I am also sad because Dan leaves tonight for San Fran and won't be home until monday. The only good thing about this weekend, is that I will be making a ton of money, and will be too busy to think of him...so it's good he is going somewhere so he is not upset he doesn't get to see me all weekend. I know he misses his friends who live there, so I'm happy he will get to see them. Of course, I am very lonely and sad. We haven't really been apart since we started dating. Oh well. I have things to keep me busy.
He was so nervous all day about flying. He's not really a huge fan. And he has been all "lovey dovey" today (which usually I am like, "Back off creepy!" :) but today I was thinking how much it will suck to not cuddle, kiss or you know, in the next 4 days. :(

But on to a different topic. I just got "Sly Cooper 3" and it is such an awesome video game! I am excited! :) There are newer things to do in this one that I couldn't do in the one before, so it's very entertaining. The only bad thing is, they changed some of the character's voices. That pisses me off. It's like when movies make sequels and have different people playing the characters. LAME. Oh well. It doesn't take away from the game, I just get all pissy about it...haha...

OMG on the way to the airport, there was this super slow car in front of us and it had a license plate reading "ampy". We were like "WTF does that mean?" and I said, "HAHA, 'Ampy', more like 'Grampy'" and Dan almost peed his pants, he was laughing so hard. God that was funny.

You know what is really cool about my sister? She gets along so well with Dan, more so than any of my other SOs; well except Justin, but they shared a birthday and she's known him for like 5 years, so obviously they had more time to get close. But in the short time she has known Dan, she seems to like him and it makes me so happy to hear them chatting like old friends...so happy...:)

But of course, the only reason you are ready this is to hear about Disneyland! :)

Well, it rocked my ass off! We were only there for about 6 hours, but the lines were (for the most part) so short we got on all the rides we wanted to go on really quick. I took so many pictures of all the 50th anniversary special stuff-they have photo collages all over the park, of different disney characters. They are made up of guests' photos that they sent in. I have three pictures in three different collages, (and I kind of remembered which ones!) but I could not for the life of me find them. OH well. I took pictures of the collages (all the ones we saw) anyway. We went on TMR towards the end of the night (sadly it was only open until 8pm) and they let us ride twice in a row. WOOP! I was so sore by the end of the day. You know you are getting old when Disneyland rides take it out of you. HAHA.
Jen got me a snacky (chicken nuggets and french fries-it was a kid's meal) when we first got to the park, because I hadn't eaten since 6am that day, and I drank an energy drink for the drive to LA and my tummy was SO queasy. I also spent the whole trip singing songs to myself because my radio is busted. Much fun. At one point, I think the energy drink took over my brain, because I thought I had a blood clot, and it was traveling up to my head to kill me. Well, whatever keeps me occupied, right? :)
I was singing mostly Disney songs, especially "Lion King" ones, since I am way into "Lion King" and I hope Larry gets me free tickets. He is Scar you know, he can just kill someone for tickets...hahah! :) Oh and I just found out, that his best friend in the show plays Zazu and I was like, "Scar is BEST FRIENDS with Zazu??? Riiiiight," and Larry was cracking up, "OMG, that is so funny!" but he said it all "gay-like"...haha...
So back to Disneyland. Jen was all uber mad when we went to Space Mountain, because they were closed when we got there. She's all, "I've waited 5 years to ride it! AUGH!!!" and she said some other choice words I won't repeat...heehee...yea she was there I think last year or a year and a half ago, and it was closed then for remodeling, and so she has really been looking forward to it. We finally got on closer to the end of the day. I love it. They totally changed the ride. The track is different, the entrance and exit, even where you wait in line! The loading area is the same, but they put in a "window" so you can see outer space. Very cool. Even the music is different. Jen says it's the same, but I have my inside sources and they say it changed. SO NEENER NEENER JEN!!! :)
The Haunted Mansion was transformed into "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Mansion, so they were mixing Halloween with Christmas. Very cool. The dude that let us into our "Black Christmas Sleigh" (instead of the "Doom Buggy" which is what it's called in the regular mansion) was VERY creepy, and stared at us a moment before leaving. I was teasing Jen, "OOOOH, he LIKES you!!!"....hahahaha! But yea, it had all the characters from the movie, and even the beginning story part of the ride was changed. It was definitely worth going on. WOOP! :) The end was funny. They have mirrors where a "ghost" is in your lap, but this time you got a "present": something rotten and mean of course, from Oogie Boogie himself. Jen and I got some dynamite. How sweet. The people behind us got 2 Gingerbread people, with their heads chewed off, and missing pieces. SO SAD! :) I got excited when we were walking to the mansion, and I tripped on my own feet and ended up skinning my knee. That was embarrassing. HAHA. :)
HAHA. They had a new fireworks show too, with a ridiculous amount of fireworks, and flames shooting out of the castle. They also put giant light pictures on the side of the Matterhorn. The pictures corresponded with the music they were playing, which was the theme to ALL the rides. SO COOL. So there was a skull and crossbones for "Pirates" and I'm not sure of the others. It was so fun. Then at the end, there was a woman dressed as Tinkerbell flying over our heads. How freaking scary would that be...wow...she has guts...:)
After the fireworks, we walked over by "It's a Small World" where they had the snow! YEA SNOW!!! It was only soap, but it looked awesome...:) I have all these pictures of snow, with the christmas lights in the background. Very nice. Christmas Carols were playing too.
So all in all we had an excellent time. I told Dan we HAVE to go back next Christmas time so he can experience it.
After we left the park, we went shopping for presents. I bought Dan a beer mug with the pirates logo on it, me two pairs of earrings (little fake diamonds, and mickey shaped ones) and also a Stitch shot glass. Jen bought something for her friends (I can't tell you what it is, because they read my journal! :)
Then we went to the Disney store in Downtown Disney and looked around (Jen bought something) then we were off to eat! YEA! I was starving. We went to Coco's and she treated me to a yummy dinner. Thank you Jen!

That is all for now. I have to go pick up a key from a client's house in about 10 minutes. I am not looking forward to going anywhere. I just want to stay here...oh well. I will be back soon enough.
Have a good night all.

Short survey from Myspace...

Tanning consultant
cafe worker
pet sitter
auto parts specialist
sports store associate
camp counselor
pet store associate
veterinary technician
dog trainer

Any Disney cartoon...:)

Wilsonville, OR
Portland, OR
Lake Oswego, OR
Tigard, OR
La Mesa, CA
Spring Valley, CA

Gilmore Girls
Desperate Housewives
7th Heaven
Ellen Degeneres Show
Rocko's Modern Life

San Diego, CA (when I lived in OR)
Santiago, Chile
Vancouver/BC, Canada
Seattle, WA
Washington, DC
San Francisco, CA
Lake Elsinore, CA
Different parts of OR

post secret (every sunday)
mapquest (i am always going somewhere)
Blingo (I want to win!)
(the last five are to enter contests)

Cucina! Cucina!
Izzy's Pizza (it's closed...how sad...:(...)
The Grecian Cafe

Well, I love Wendy's...I usually get a baked potato and a burger...yum!

Pepsi (not as much lately)
orange soda
any juice (apple is the best)

Actually, I have never officially owned any cars. I used to drive an 89 Ford Probe, but it was my ex's and now I drive a 91 Jetta, but Dan's parents bought it, and it is in his name

With Dan
L.A., where my sister is...:(
Oregon, to vist my mom
Mexico (cancun...)
New Zealand

Disneyland will be visited today!

I know I said we were going yesterday, but it turns out today is a much better day to go. But omg it is so overcast! I hope it means NO ONE will go to the park! HA! I could die with happiness...ok more later, and pics too! Have a great day!!!
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Put this in your journal, and see what people think about YOU.